Listopad 2016

Govor Ivana Pernara o vanjskoj politici Hrvatske

Ivan Pernar u Hrvatskom saboru govori o Hrvatskoj spoljnoj politici, EU i NATO.


Democracy: The Worst Rise to the Top - Hans-Hermann Hoppe

“Democracy is so to speak the guarantee that only bad people will rise to the top. And the more so the larger the country is.” Hans-Hermann Hoppe discussing why the worst rise to the top. This is an excerpt from: "The Errors of Classical Liberalism."


Demokratija: najgori isplivaju na vrh - Hans-Hermann Hoppe

“Demokratija je takorekući garancija da će samo loši ljudi isplivati na vrh. I utoliko više što je zemlja veća.” Hans-Hermann Hoppe objašnjava zašto u demokratiji najgori isplivaju na vrh. Isječak iz lekcije: "Greške klasičnog liberalizma."


Yes, I am a Neoliberal. Now, Convince Me That I'm Wrong!

  Author: Danijal Hadžovic
  Source: Liberalni Forum



We live in an era of global neoliberalism, and the world it has created is pure horror - imperial wars, religious extremism, terrible social differences, poverty, exploitation, destruction of ecosystem and the dehumanization of man - these are just some of the anomalies that characterize this era.

Libertarians Shouldn't Dream of Hillary's Common Market

  Author: Tho Bishop
  October 12, 2016

Largely overlooked by the media in light of Trump’s leaked Access Hollywood video and Sunday’s presidential debate has been the volumes of emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta released by Wikileaks. One revelation that has gained some traction are some of the remarks Secretary Clinton made while speaking to Wall Street bankers, in which she takes a very different position on trade agreements than what she has taken during her campaign. One email notes a speech where she says: